Brooke and Dana Desser

The Van Kirk family has been dear to us for several years. We've captured every holiday, a pregnancy announcement and tons of birthdays. So when Brooke and Dana got engaged, I was tearful and honored that we were asked to photograph their wedding day.  

As the day grew closer, the weather worsened. Forecasts called for tropical storm Alberto to make landfall on May 26th, with flood warnings the upcoming week. 


"As of 11 a.m. ET Saturday, parts of Cuba and the Florida Keys were under a tropical storm warning, and a tropical storm watch is in effect for parts of Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, meaning the conditions for a full storm are possible in the next 48 hours"

As the venue began to fill with pools of water in the paths of entrance, there was a chance of it being unusable for the wedding. However, wedding planner Katie Arbogast Stubbs of 59 and bluebelljumped into gear making alternate plans and she called Brooke's father Mr. Tim Van Kirk, of Van Kirk Pools. Now, if you know Tim, you'll know his love for his daughters is immeasurable. He brought his bulldozers and equipment and made the trek to Davie to help the venue level the ground needed to control the floods and allow access and safety. So after two days of labor, the wedding was saved and the planning could commence!  

Brooke, along side her sister Samantha and their mother Janet and Brooke's best friend Lauren, began the process of hair and make up. The team was phenomenal and Brooke looked natural and radiant.


Dana and his brothers Scott and Eddie got ready along side Brooke's father Tim. Stoic and handsome, they were ready to conquer this beautiful day. 


Brooke and Dana decided to have a first look. A moment, privately, where they could see each other for the first time. This moment was so touching to watch, as Dana kept his eyes closed, lost in this moment of deep thought and deeper love. As Brooke approached him and tapped him on the shoulder, he spun around to look at his bride. His true love, standing before him, elegantly embracing him while holding back tears of joy. This moment was so true and real.


As the day of the wedding progressed, the rain seemed to have subsided enough to be almost unnoticeable on this day of love and happiness. 


The venue, The living sculpture sanctuary, was adored with wild flowers, candles and grace. The decor was perfect and exactly what Brooke and Dana envisioned. Thanks to Katie and her team at 59 and Bluebell, every detail was exactly as they had dreamed. The cermony site as well as the reception area were breeathtaking. 


Landon led the way as Tori and Reese followed behind, leaving a trail of rose petals.



Brooke and Dana said their vows, shared their first kiss, and took their first steps as a married couple. 


The reception allowed for fun, dancing, speeches and love as Brooke and Dana were surrounded by their closest friends and family. 


So to Brooke and Dana, we wish for you a future of love that grows strong with every passing day, a life full of adventure, communication and passion. We can't wait for the rest of your love story to take place behind our lens. 

Venders who helped make it all happen:

Dress by Lighthouse Bridal and Letterpress Design

Living Sculpture Sanctuary 

Regency Party Rentals

Catering by Mark

Flowers by Floral Elegance

Planning by Katie at 59 and Bluebell 

Atlas party Rentals 

Nuage Designs (all the pretty linens)

Cupcake cake by Mariam Glisson at Magtreats 

Make up by Reed my lipstick Jessica Lindsay Reed 


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