Baby Leo is finally here!

I've been working with Doug as a paramedic for several years. After he and his wife Stephanie welcomed their first son, Jeremy, I was able to capture some great milestones for them. So when Stephanie became pregnant with baby boy number two, I was ecstatic as they asked me to capture their home birth. This is something I've always wanted to do and rarely have the availability to be on call.  So, as I sat with my family on a train ride in Orlando, I got THE call. Ahhhhhh! Baby Leo was coming, two weeks early. So we finished up and headed back for the three hour drive home. We arrived in town and I went straight to Stephanie and Doug's home. Just around the time labor slowed down to a stop. Ugh, boys are so difficult! So over the next 12 days, we had a few more teases from Mr. Leo, but ultimately when the day came to meet him, I was there and ready to help make this experience great for them. 

Stephanie was a rockstar. She had her motivation signs near the birthing tub to help remind her that she is strong enough to do this. She stayed focused and calm. Big brother Jeremy was an amazing helper, making sure baby Leo's heart rate stayed strong with the midwife and making sure mommy didn't forget he was there with her. Doug was supportive, positive and encouraging. When Stephanie got closer to deliver, her support system was right there with her. And at 9:01 pm, baby Leo was here. Everyone instantly saw that he was a big healthy boy, weighing in at 9lbs 12 oz! Jeremy was over the moon and couldn't wait to hold the baby brother he'd been waiting for. So I'm proud to introduce Leo Buck, Born June 14th, 2017. Congrats guys! Thank you for letting me share this experience with you.


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