Miles is ONE!

The day you find out that you're pregnant, your life changes. Forever. It's a beautiful waiting game that is filled with sonograms, baby kicks and the feeling of your sweet baby growing inside of you. Finally the day arrives, you're excited, scared, nervous, anxious, elated.. You hold your sweet baby for the first time and look into those captivating little eyes that return the look of awe right back at you. You are a mommy. You and your husband made a person who will forever look to you for love, support and guidance. Every passing week and month becomes another milestone. He's eating solid foods, he's sitting up, he's starting to stand alone! This first year is the most incredible experience you have had as parents. So as we celebrate Miles turning one year old, we have to remember to look back at all of these "firsts" and cherish them all. And look forward to the new things he will accomplish this year. So congrats to Miles (and mommy and daddy) for an amazing first year, and cheers to many more great memories ahead! Mazel tov!

Now check out how much fun it is to be ONE!

Amy VuComment