Melissa and Justin's Wedding

Your wedding day is something that almost every little girl dreams of her entire life. Gorgeous white gown, amazing man who completes you, beautiful venue surrounded by your family and friends. However, not everyone gets to experience this fairy tale in such a stunning and whimsical location as Melissa and Justin did. 

"We finally set a date! And we want you to be our photographer! Oh and it's in Costa Rica.. is that ok?"  

"Ummmm... I mean I'll check my calendar.... YESSSS yes!!... thats ok"

And so it began! We went over all the details and had it all down pat. We even planned a day after the wedding where Melissa and Justin would ride horses on the beach in their wedding attire. It was all perfect! And then.. the rain came! As Costa Rica is a rain forrest, we knew there would be a chance of rain. However it had been perfect all week so we were all anticipating a dry and sunny day.

So as the ceremony time came... and went...we waited.

We all watched out the window anxiously waiting for the sun to come out. While staying optimistic and keeping the bride happy and worry free. The rain clouds began to slowly creep away as the raindrops on the window started to decrease. The staff got to work sweeping the ceremony area and supplying every guest with an umbrella. We had a perfect window of time and we were all ready to go! As the bridal party began walking down the stairs to the alter, the last bit of rain completely stopped. A small cloud filled with sunlight and we all watched in awe as Melissa flowed down the steps, on the arm of her proud father. Success! It was breathtaking. The vows they gave to each other were heart filled and meaningful. So please share in the excitement as we celebrate Melissa and Justin and their new journey! Congrats you two!!! And thank you for sharing your day with us!

Venue: Villa Caletas, Jaco Costa Rica   {Zephyr Palace}

And we can't forget the horses!

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