Lindsey & Dave's Las Olas Engagement session

Lindsey and Dave’s engagement session on Las Olas was amazing! I first met Lindsey after a prior bride of ours referred her to us. Lindsey was also a guest at their wedding, so she was able to see us in action! (Check out Brooke and Dana’s blog here)

As soon as we met Lindsey, at Starbucks of course (where all great relationships start) we knew we’d love her. Her sweet demeanor radiated and her smile was contagious. She is a successful Doctor of Chiropractic and is incredibly humble and deeply intellectual. As the time flew by we found ourselves chatting like old friends. After we worked out the specifics, we started planning the engagement session. This would be the first time meeting Lindsey’s fiance, Dave Aizer, as well. Lindsey told us that Dave is a television host on Inside South Florida on the CW and he may look familiar to some millennials from Slime time live on Nickelodeon among other televisions appearances. Check out some of his work here.

We arrive at a local park on Las Olas and start with some gorgeous nature photos. We like to mix poses with candids to capture some organic moments.


We took a short walk across the street and passed some gorgeous banyan trees, before making a stop on the stairs of a beautiful little church.


We strolled across the bridge, passing the bustling streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The smell of yummy foods and the sounds of traffic and chatter filled the streets.


The sweet smell of coffee and pastries surrounded us, and we popped into Ann's Florist Coffee & Wine Bar.


As we wrapped up our session, including a 20 min goodbye, our excitement grew for their upcoming wedding. Lindsey and Dave, we can’t wait to capture your special day. It’s always such a pleasure working with couples that aren’t only super fun , but also madly in love.

Wedding date: March 23, 2019 at the Marriot Delray Beach 

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