Guinness World Record for largest underwater clean up with Dixie Divers!

For the second year we were asked to capture photography and video for a Guinness World record attempt done by Dixie Divers.

With the previous record set by Ahmed Gabr, a former Egyptian Army scuba diver, in 2015 with 613 other divers in the Red Sea in Egypt.

As the divers arrive and register with the volunteers, they find their team and begin to set up their gear.

Places everyone, it’s almost go time! But first, group photo!

As the divers were released, hundreds of them marched into the ocean donning their gear including a mesh bag for garbage and debris collection.

According to CNN: The Guinness World Record-setting 633 divers retrieved at least 1,626 pounds of trash and 60 pounds of fishing line at the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier in Florida.

The official weight of the trash recovered is still being tallied, and the number is likely to grow, said Tyler Bourgoine, who participated in and helped organize the cleanup. Ocean conservation group Project AWARE estimates that the cleanup might have removed as much as 3,200 pounds of marine debris.

"There were countless lead sinkers ... everything from a boat ladder to a barbell," Bourgoine told CNN.

As the final number of divers is set to be announced, a crowd forms around Michael Empric, the official Guinness World Record Judge.

As the crowd hears the final count of 633, excitement ensues and cheers can be heard across the entire Deerfield Beach! Congrats to Pavan Arilton for setting a world record for a phenomenal cause!

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