Melanie and Daniel

I don't even know how to start this blog..

 I first met Melanie at my chiropractors office. Her personality was so welcoming and she was easy to talk to. Over the next few months she and I began discussing our lives. She told me about her twin sister Natalie one day. She said that she was not doing too well, as she was fighting cancer. So when I came in weekly I looked forward to her updates about Nat's progress and hoped for great news. She told me about Natalie's four year old son, Daniel, and how he was the light of her life. The strength that Melanie displayed during this time is super human. She's not only an amazing sister, but has been there for Daniel every step of the way. Now, as she has gained a guardian angel, she has become a mother figure to sweet Daniel. The bond that these two share is palpable. Looking at they way they interact makes my heart swell. Thank god for amazing people like Melanie.

Melanie, Daniel is so lucky to have you as his Meme and I am so incredibly proud of you. 

Pinky promise's can never be broken <3 

Just when she thought she was his savior, she realized he was hers too.

"Mama's flowers"

In Loving Memory Of Natalie D. Hernandez

April 18, 1981 - August 4, 2015

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