Ivan's 75th Birthday!


"Hi Amy, you were recommended to me as I am looking for a photographer for my 75th birthday party. I'm having a Neil Diamond impersonator come and perform as a surprise to my guests"

"Oh sweet Caroline I'll be there!"

That about sums up my first conversation with Ivan. After that it only got better. This man has the voice of someone important while at the same time he has such a calming demeanor you can't help but smile when he speaks. After a few phone calls and getting the specifics handled, we began the countdown to the big event.

So, the day finally arrives! Ahh I can't believe how excited we were to meet the face behind the voice. All I can say is that Ivan was all that I expected and more. Watching this man flow through the ballroom with such charm and compassion was a heart warming sight. But whats more impressive is Ivan's friends and their reaction to him. Like he was a celebrity. And not just because it was his birthday, but because he is the kind of friend that should be celebrated. As I heard stories about him and saw his interaction with his guests, I knew right away that this man was a gift. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Ivan and his amazing wife Rhoda. Witnessing what life long friendship evolve into was a real joy to see and capture. So here's to many more Happy Birthday's to you Ivan, cheers!

Amy VuComment